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Your Hino truck is a symbol of durability and reliability, designed to conquer the road with confidence. At TireTex Heavy Duty Parts & Service, we specialize in providing exceptional services exclusively tailored for Hino trucks.

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Expert Drum Brake Maintenance

The drum brake system plays a vital role in the stopping power and safety of your Hino truck. Our skilled mechanics are well-versed in the intricate workings of Hino drum brakes. We perform comprehensive drum brake maintenance, including inspections, adjustments, and component replacements when necessary. Our meticulous approach ensures that your drum brakes are in optimal condition, delivering reliable performance, shorter stopping distances, and enhanced safety on the road.

Reliable Roadside Assistance during Shop Hours

We understand that unexpected breakdowns can occur, even with well-maintained vehicles like Hino trucks. That's why we offer reliable roadside assistance during our shop hours. Our team of experts is just a phone call away, ready to assist you with any issues you may encounter. Whether it's a flat tire, battery jump-start, minor mechanical repair, or any other roadside emergency, our mechanics will promptly come to your location, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to get you back on the road safely and efficiently.

At TireTex Heavy Duty Parts & Service, you can expect:

  • Highly skilled mechanics with specialized knowledge in Hino trucks.
  • Adherence to Hino's recommended maintenance procedures and standards for drum brake maintenance.
  • Use of high-quality brake components to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • Thorough inspections to identify potential brake issues and provide proactive solutions.
  • Prompt and efficient roadside assistance during shop hours to minimize downtime and keep you on schedule.

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Choose TireTex Heavy Duty Parts & Service as your trusted partner for Hino truck services. Contact us today to schedule drum brake maintenance or to inquire about our reliable roadside assistance during shop hours. Experience the professionalism and expertise that come with TireTex Heavy Duty Parts & Service.








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Awesome place! My car tire had exploded and they had the tire I needed. They have helped me so much. I love seeing the entire family work together. Service is top notch and prices are great too. Recommend to everyone.
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Very nice people to work with and some really great prices. Would definitely recommend them for semi truck tire and wheel needs.
Juan Trevinao
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I work for a logistics company and we were looking for tire vendors for our trucks. We came across TireTex on Facebook and i can truly and genuinely say we are excited to be working with them. They have great customer service and the whole process was quick and easy. We are proud to be supporting locally small businesses!
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