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Your Volvo truck is a symbol of efficiency and durability, built to excel in the most demanding transportation tasks. At TireTex Heavy Duty Parts & Service, we specialize in providing exceptional services exclusively tailored for Volvo trucks.

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Expert Suspension Diagnostics

The suspension system of your Volvo truck plays a crucial role in maintaining stability, ensuring a smooth ride, and protecting valuable cargo. Our highly skilled mechanics are well-versed in Volvo trucks' suspension diagnostics and possess the knowledge and experience to identify potential issues accurately. Through comprehensive inspections and advanced diagnostic tools, we can assess the condition of your truck's suspension components, including shocks, bushings, and airbags. By detecting and addressing any suspension-related problems promptly, we help enhance ride comfort, improve handling, and maintain the integrity of your Volvo truck.

Vital Oil & Fluid Changes

Regular oil and fluid changes are fundamental to the health and longevity of your Volvo truck's engine and various systems. Our team understands the specific requirements of Volvo trucks and adheres to manufacturer guidelines when performing oil and fluid changes. We use high-quality fluids and filters to ensure optimal performance and protection. Timely oil changes promote engine efficiency, minimize wear and tear, and contribute to fuel economy. Additionally, fluid changes for vital systems such as the transmission, differential, and coolant help maintain their proper functioning, prevent overheating, and extend their lifespan.

Reliable Axle Repairs

The axles of your Volvo truck are critical components that bear the weight and provide power to your vehicle. Over time, axles can experience wear, damage, or require repairs due to various factors. Our mechanics have extensive experience in handling Volvo truck axle repairs, including bearing and race maintenance, spindle repairs, and axle shaft repairs. We utilize high-quality parts and employ precise repair techniques to ensure the integrity and reliability of your truck's axles. By addressing axle issues promptly, we help maintain the safety, performance, and longevity of your Volvo truck.

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Trust us to unleash the potential of your Volvo truck, ensuring peak performance, reliability, and efficiency on every journey.








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Awesome place! My car tire had exploded and they had the tire I needed. They have helped me so much. I love seeing the entire family work together. Service is top notch and prices are great too. Recommend to everyone.
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Very nice people to work with and some really great prices. Would definitely recommend them for semi truck tire and wheel needs.
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I work for a logistics company and we were looking for tire vendors for our trucks. We came across TireTex on Facebook and i can truly and genuinely say we are excited to be working with them. They have great customer service and the whole process was quick and easy. We are proud to be supporting locally small businesses!
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